Fars magnetic Group was established in 2002 with the aim of engineering iron processing upstream industries equipments (especially magnetic separation systems). Having performed successfully in this field and having a wide range of clients and customers satisfied with the quality of its services and products , Fars magnetic Group extended its range of activities to implementation of EPC projects. On the other hand, broadening its knowledge territory to metallurgical processes, Fars magnetic Group is now capable of implementing metallurgical projects.

Having one decades of experience in implementation of EPC projects in the field of mineral processing and metallurgy (more than 50 projects have been performed) and benefitting from expert human resources , Fars magnetic Group is now one of the most well-known brands in all the plans related to iron ore processing.

In 2003, It established its first branch in the name of Fars Tolid (products) and its purpose was designing and producing minerals processing equipment . After two years, this company could produce more than 450 models of minerals processing equipment.

In the same year (2003) Fit Mag  company was established as a trading company to supply group needs wich could get more than ten representatives of European companies.

Then in 2004 by increasing customers’ demands for getting services. MAFCO company was established for selling and giving services.

In 2008 with regard to the demands of markets for a company with the feature of extracting and processing operator equipment, Kani Faravaran company was established.

Exports to central Turkey & Iraq & Ghana & Bahrain & Kenia & Azarbaijan & Tajikestan & Kazakhstan & Torkamanestan as well as thesatisfaction of customers from the qualities of products and suitable prices in comparison withEuropean Brands, stimulated the group to stablish a company outside Iran which was done in 2012 and it led to the establishment of EK MAFCO

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